Commercial Property

I found a contact that has a huge list of investors wanting to buy commercial property. What is the best way to find commercial property deals, structure them into a deal and present it to the investors?


This is not quite as easy as you seem to think it is, first there are a number of components that go into doing something like this and you have to add value to the deal if you expect another investor to pick up your deal!

First there are some 45 types of commercial property. What type do you think these investors are looking for? (Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Resorts, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Strip Centers, Storage Facilities, Auto Dealerships, Shopping Malls, Manufacturing Facilities, Industrial Parks, Office Facilities, Apartments, Developments, Banks, Retail or Strip Centers)

Then you have to determine if there looking for "Class A, B, or C type properties?

Then you have to determine what size and style of investment property?

Then find out if there looking for property in New York, Florida or California?

Then find out if there looking to buy in New York City or Upstate New York?
Would they like to buy in Northern or Southern Florida?
Would they prefer Northern or Southern California?

Then what size property do they want? Square Footage?

What kind of a price are they willing to buy within? One Million, Five Million, Ten Million, Twenty Five Million or Fifty Million or more?

Then you pretty much have to be really professional and have great expertise to structure and speak the language of this type of investor?

Then you have to hope they will sign a NDNC agreement and agree to some kind of consulting fee because you certainly won’t easily be able to produce a proof of funds letter and ability to close on a ten million dollar hotel!

But if you can overcome all these obsticals let me know what you find, I am interested in various commercial properties from time to time.

Good luck,



I really appreciate your time and response. I will definitely consider those questions, they are good to know. Thank you.

I live and invest in NY. where do your contact’s investors want to buy.

I am going to send a questionnaire to my contact so he can send it to the leads that way I know what they want, I will get back you on that.