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What’s the highest LTV and CLTV you can go up to? I’m interested for apartment buildings with 5+ units, anywhere from $50K to $500K for the time being. Please don’t spam me, just post on the board, and I will contact you if I think we can work together. Am going to be looking for a long-term person to work with.

90% is available for commercial under $1,000,000, but it’s hard to qualify.

I know 90% is possible. I’m looking for people who can do the most, so I can pursue it further with them. Some people can only do 80-85%. I’m looking to deal with people who can do the most.

First you need to have an understanding of the commercial vs residential loan programs that are available.

Residential lenders can lend on properties up to 4 units and there is plenty of choices for High LTV Loans of up to 100%

However, once you “cross over” to commercial loans, the lenders are different (even a lender that does both residental and commercial loans, will almost always have a seperate division for each.

With that said, and while things might change in the future due to the competitive nature of lending, commercial loans still usually require a borrower to have some cash in the deal. Therefore, it is very rare to see a 100% commercial loan but if a borrower is strong enough, it can certainly happen. It is just not an “off the shelf” loan program.

The normal commercial loan parameters are about 75% Max LTV for things like office buildings. and 80% for Apartments, Mixed Use and Mobile home parks. Sure there are exceptions that go higher, but that is what is most common.

For loans under $1,000,000, there are several lenders that specialize in small commercial loans. They will easily allow up to 90% LTV if the seller is willing to hold a Second. For those with good credit, you can get 90% without a seller second (lender will hold an 80% 1st and 10% second) or in some cases, the seller can hold a large second that will give you a maximum 95% LTV loan.

all these choices are available, but unless one knows more about your particular situation and deal, there is absolutely no way to say what the maximum LTV would be for your deal.

Feel free to contact us if you want to see what your max LTV might be.

If you choose to just chase the elusive 100% financing, all I can say is do not pay anyone an up front fee for the loan. You will most likely never again see your fee nor a loan…


Basically you are going to need some of your own money inside the deal. 100% CLTV is not out there, and if it is like some people say it is. The guidelines are very strict. Probably wanting more then a quarter million in liquid assets.

I am a broker and lender(premier commercial) and lend up to 90% on commercial. Also work with commercial lenders who make mezzanine loans (2nds) commercially in some cases.

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95% CLTV is going to be your max…and thats with a 20% seller 2nd…

90% one loan is easy.

100% is possible but you need to have very strong assets (i.e., more than the requested loan amount)

My company offers the same program many of the others are talking to you about. My experience with this program is that you can easily get up to 90% CLTV on commercial residential and a few other commercial property categories with a 680+ FICO.

We, however, can close in the name of a newly formed LLC or LP. I have done a few deals with investors in your situation who were able to bring in an equity partner for the additional 10%, get the deal done and not have to split the profits 50%.

By offering tax benefits, depreciation and other “paper benefits” to your investor you can do these deals all day long…with none of your money down.

Well I can assure we can provide upto 90% CLTV with a minimum credit score of 575 on multi-family, if you are looking for a 100% loan for commercial it does not exist. I can’t see why a Lender will fund a property 100% without any equity or risk on the potential buyers’ end. If you are looking for funding from $100K ~ $1M Stated or Full doc with a mid-score of 575, I can assist you and others. But you will have to have at least 5-10% into the transactions.

Rodney Brown

It’s possible but not probable. You have to have other assets like stocks. Get a loan on the stocks to cover the downpayment. There are some lenders who will do both loans (the commercial property loan and the stock loan), so for all intents and purposes they offer 100%.

The rub is that people with good amount of stocks and other such assets don’t tend to ask for 100% commercial loans.

100% is possible if your creative…Remember fellow investors…If I do not have to use any of MY OWN MONEY then its 100% financing…just like a no down deal on residential…It just means i didnt use my cash, i used someone elses…BTW,…some investors still floating around with assummable commerical loans…and you can many times get those properties with no down lease options and creative financing…

Will it come from a bank…never know…

(this is just a little nugget of info)

Just a follow up to my earlier post. Assets are least important in obtaining 90 to 95% financing commercially. Most important is the properties ability to repay the loan.