Commercial Property Broker License

What states do not require a License for Brokers of Commercial Real Estate?

Thank You in Advance

From my understanding, all states require a license to be brokers or agents. There’s no “commercial” versus residential or land, etc. license. There’s just a real estate license.

A downfall of the system in my opinion but that’s neither here nor there. I would love to see a special set of certifications required to be a commericial vs a residential agent.

well they do have the CCIM designation. There are some qualifications to be able to get the designation. So if you are working with someone who is a CCIM your guaranteed they are not a brend new agent.

With commercial real estate there seems to be few and far between who are really doing deals. There definatly is very little competition when your working at the top

But it is my understanding in all states you have to have a real estate liscense

I’ve heard of people saying that you could be a “consultant” and collect fees on real estate purchases. But do your own due diligence.

jason sc

All states require a RE License. As an investor , take a CCIM class or all of them . And yes Commercial Brokers can get additional education beyond the Resy Agent.

ALL agents/brokers can get education beyond the standard license in commercial real estate, residential, land brokerage, etc. They just have to pay for it themselves.

Most commercial agents that I see never really get formal education. They usually grew up around a certain industry or have a background that lends itself to commercial. I think the percentage with the CCIM certification is about 1% (per their site).

some real estate guru recommend if you look for a commercial RE agent, look for the one had CCIM designated. Eventhouhg they may not understand what we do (creative fin.)

Thanks again for your answers, it helps to have others confirm my own thoughts about any given subject.