commercial or residential mortgage?

We are looking to purchase a property to house our business which has living quarters attached to it. The property is zoned commercial.
Would we be seeking a residential o/o (we will be living there) or commercial mortgage?


If it zoned commercial you have to get a commercial loan. You can get 80% LTV at decent rates and 90% LTV at around 9%


What state are you in? I can help lead you to beneficial lenders.

how about some non-beneficial? Do you have a list of those?

No, I try my best to consult in the client’s best interest.


I meant so the rest of us would know which ones to stay away from.

No worries… I like to think positive, I’ll give the names of my chosen lenders if the property is in Calfornia. Besides, there’s a hosts of bad companies out there but the good ones should get recognition.

These lenders can do 90%-100% CLTV. Even if this scenario is classified as a “mixed use” property, these guys can get it done. Lending guidelines may vary with each state.

First Select Commercial

CIT Small Business Lending

Income Property Funding

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Zoned commercial owner occ mixed use. Silver Hill can do 90% LTV, 95%CLTV (seller second) if the credit is 680 or so, 85% LTV if the credit is 640-679. (I am a Sil Hill employee) Call Al H (very reasonable broker, based in IL, can close anywhere) 630-303-8834 This is a full doc program, our 90% will start in the 9’s and go higher. Figure about 3/8 drop for each 5% drop in LTV