Commercial opp. in CT.......

Hello all,

I know this may sound some what stupid…But I am a Novice RE investor and came across a parcel of land. I have talk to the Town assesors, Planner, Exec dir. and have found out that this land is obtainable, negotiable, and better yet profitable (after redevelopment ofcourse)… Though I would love to do this myself I dont feel Im at the stage yet for managing a commercial deal… Would being able to Partner with someone on this deal be feasible. I feel just having our company name on the project and shadowing is good enough for me…Maybe a small finders fee ;D

Time to head over to a REIA meeting and network network network. Talk to the big guys that do this type of deal and see if you can partner up with them. Explain to them that you’re only looking for a small fee and the chance to tagalong and learn a little bit about the biz.

The biggest one I know of in CT:

I would recommend using a non-compete agreement with potential investors. You do not want them to back door you after you show them the money.

Good Luck

O ok, I think Im going to use that non-compete agreement, because my main concern is just keeping in the loop.



oooh… good point sean