Commercial loan broker commissions??

I have asked this question a thousand times and can not seem to get a straight answer. I hear of commercial brokers charging between 1-8 points. I just want to make sure our fees are fair with the market standard. I do not want to risk losing clients if charging too much or losing money if charging too low. I know it usually varies from deal to deal, but if anyone has any range of points they charge I would really appreciate the imput.

There are no set/standard fees from a broker standpoint.
It depends on many things!

What type of loan, the size of the loan, where you are funding the loan and how much the lender is charging the borrower that you must tack your fees on top of… Are just a few things that can have major effects on what you can charge.

As a commercial Broker, I rarely charge over 1 point. There are times where smaller loans require more. However, 1 point can be too much for many larger loans.

Only experience will teach you.

To leave money on the table because you close a loan but charge less than you could is one thing.

To completely lose the loan because you were trying to charge too much is much worse. Specially when you have a solid deal you know could have been funded.

Hello, Here is what the industry standards are:

$50K and under, fee 4%

$100K, fee 3%

$200K, fee 2%

$500K to $5M, fee 1%

$5M and over, fee 1/2%

You can adjust your fees as you see fit.