Commercial Lenders in Michigan

Does anyone know of commercial lenders in Michigan who don’t require income verification / no docs?


what does your credit look like? do you have assets?

Thanks Chris for your reply.

Currently my mid score is 608, which will go up in the next 30 days. I currently own 2 rental properties - one i’m in the process of selling. I’m looking to get a loan for $150k - $200k. I can put 15% - 20% down.

i don’t know what exactly i can or can’t say here but if i say too much some one will let me know.
just recently i’ve had a meeting with cindy scutt at devine mortgage in flint. she seems very promissing. she too is an investor so will understand your needs. she will also tell you exactly how to raise your credit score the fastest.


You shouldn’t have too difficult a time depending on the ltv you are looking for. Let me know if i can help you out.


I am sure I can help you with a commercial loan with NO Doc. We require no income vid, no tax returns, no cross collateralization, close within 30-45 days, no upfront fees or commitment fees for loans $100K ~ $1M. FICO scores min is 600 so you are right there in the ball park, we give upto 90% CLTV. I would love to talk to you about the property and how we can fund it. DSCR is not an issue, and with our Full doc programs we use DTI ratios instead of debt service.

I can offer the same thing, but I was trying to be less blatant about it :-p Whoever you use, I hope you can attain thge financing you’re seeking.