Commercial Lender (nationwide) - little or no down ?!?!


I am new to this forum but would like to know if someone can point me to the direction of a lender. Here goes the specifics:

  • little to no down
  • commercial loan (properties, i.e. motel, multi units, self storage)
  • private lender is OK

I look forward to your feedback.


Won’t happen…

Thanks for your response Sean_L.

I tend to agree to with you, the reason I was asking is because I went to couple of networking meetings in the Los Angeles area and I heard otherwise from people.

any other response/s will be very much appreciated.


These scenarios usually have multiple sides to them. The problem is that traditional commercial lenders will lend based on the current value or purchase price (which ever is the lower). So in order for the deal to close the remaining balance has to brought to closing.

This is usually done by utilizing lines of credit, equity partners, or subordinate financing or any combination of. If structured properly a no money down scenario can be created if the original buyer is willing to share some equity hence reducing his/her profit.

Hope this helps