commercial lender for hotel in mexico

I am looking for a commercial lender for a hotel in the cancun or cozumel area. Does any one have any leads? Already checked out a couple sites but would like all options.
Thank you

How much do you need?

What is the hotel worth as is?

Is the hotel active or vacant?

Is the hotel Flagged?

What kind of collateral / assets do you have to secure the loan?

Where is the property located? (What region of Mexico?)

What is your plan with the property?

What is your experience in the Hotel industry?

Are you wanting conventional financing? JVP? Hard? ETC.

GooD Luck! :beer

To piggyback those above.

What is your net worth?
What is your liquid net worth?

How much do you intend to put into the property (downpayment only)?

What is the net income?

Why is it being sold at 70% of value?

Have you done independent market research?

Do you have a business plan with projections?

Any idea of regulations for foreign investors and/or industry?

Is the hotel built yet? Is the land free and clear? Firesale value? nEED MORE INFO.