Commercial Lease Option Contract or Template?

Hi folks.

I have been working toward commercial rei and after reading tons of information on this forum and elsewhere decided that I wanted to pursue cre trying the lease-option approach. Well faint and fall out, I finally met a creative seller who is willing to consider my offer. The property is an office/retail building with a good cap rate, good cash flow and 95% occupancy. I already have a business ready to go into the last office should I get it.

So the question now is - is there anyplace that someone could recommend where I can find a commercial lease option contract or template?

Everything that I have found has been for residential or for a business that is leasing a single commercial space. I realize that I will need to have an attorney look over one and probably edit slightly but I’m hoping to have a good document to start with. Any suggestions?

Contact an attorney. It will be money well spent to protect your backside.