Commercial Investing

Hi I am very new to the idea of commercial investing… could anyone please give me some examples of what it is and some deals you could do commercially?



i just bought a 6 family home. is this what your talking about or do you mean strip malls and stuff.

i can tell you that the larger apartment buildings are a great market to hit. the closings are expensive but the deal is structured Relatively the same as non-commercial.

Im talking about that, and anything aside from residential and renting…the multi family homes and strip malls and all that stuff.


I would really like to learn this business because I think it might be more profitable than single familly homes.


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I just missed a deal on a vacant grocery store building that was listed at $2.5 million. It was sitting over a year vacant and is being rented now for $35,000 per month. I do not know all the details if it is a triple net lease or about tenant finish out but it sounds profitable for sure. I am looking at another vacant building in the area as well that is about half the size. Wish me luck on it.

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Well good luck Tedjr, thats great info, i would love to learn more abouot that stuff so any other people that do commercial deals, POST HERE!!!

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