Commercial Financing

I am looking for any suggestions on how to finance a 5 unit that i have under contract. The property is all residential and one unit needs a rehab. The purchase price is 145k and without doubt an independent appraisal will be between 180 and 200k. I was hoping to get an 80% LTV off of the independent appraised value. The property is in Harrisburg PA. If anyone has any thoughts or recommenations I would greatly appreciate it.

I am actually an Analyst for a large commercial financing firm. Your 5 unit building is under the line of a 6 unit minimum that many commercial lenders require. However there are definetly lenders who would look at doing it perhaps as a small bridge loan including rehab dollars and then after 24 months it will flip to a perm. loan.

if your fico is above 680 and you go full doc you can get 80%. if its above 700 up to 90% is possible.