Commercial Down payment assistance? 100% commercial financing?

I am an investment real estate broker and have received a growing number of people looking to use down payment assistance in the purchase of investment real estate. I have never done a deal where down payment assistance was used. Has anyone used commercial down payment assistance in any of their acquisitions? I have tried doing some research on this and there isn’t much information available. I dont know how this benefits the seller in any way.

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I am in Florida and have seen this mainly for apartment buildings, but, I have never seen 100% financing.

It’s all smoke and mirrors…

I’d be very wary of those buyers that are asking you, the commercial real estate broker, for down payment assistance.

Why do they need it?

And if it’s such a good deal, they should have investors climbing over each other to get a piece for themselves.

Great deals are like cracks in the foundation. Money, like water, will find its way in.

I haven’t really heard of a 100% funding especially on commercial properties. If one does offer, then what’s the catch? Be very cautious. Learn everything first.

I agree with the others in the forum. 100% financing sounds like there is a catch and I would read the fine print and find out everything you can before proceeding.

Typical deals require 25-30% down right?