Commercial Construction Loan Options?

Hello all,

We have premium land we are trying to get under contract. 15,000sqft, we’re trying to secure it at $150k. We plan on building 3 door garage, and front office. The property will also be used as a used car dealership.

The total cost of the project right now is sitting at $425k per our engineer. The guy who is trying to secure the financing is an american citizen who has been working overseas for 5 years and just returned. He has $150k cash, but of course rathers not put it all as down to have cash to buy some cars for his lot.

It would be owner occupant, his score high 600s.

Right now I am thinking of going through a bank, but debating if 2-3 years hard money might be better option to build it then refinance it. He is worried about bridge loans and not being able to refinance.

What are some options to secure financing?