commercial constr loan

I want to buy land that is around $600,000. I have the 20% down for it, but once I buy it, I want to put 1,200,000 office building on it. Local banks are asking 20-25% down on 1,200,000. I do not have the down payment for that. Is there a way around this dilemma?

Please help… ???

So what do you think the land and building would appraise out if you were to purchase the land and build the office you have in mind?

Probably between 2.3 - 2.6 million once the project is completed…

If you could secure the land, (option to buy, partner with seller and he/she brings land to the deal, seller sells you land but holds a second to be paid off later when office is complete, or you can just buy the land) you should be able to get a construction loan based on the completed value.

Would need more information to determine exactly how could be structured, but on the surface, looks like a deal that could be structured to work.