Commercial Condo for business.

Sorry for all the questions…I have been a busy beaver :slight_smile:

I operate one of my businesses out of my house currently. We converted the garage and one bedroom into the business. thankfully we are growing fast :slight_smile: BUT I am going to need to move the operation out of the home and expand. Has anybody had any success in purchasing a commercial condo (i believe that is what they are called). Are they pretty easy to find? I have yet to work with a realtor because I do not know commercial realtors but I did find one on my own that was 1920 square feet for 330K…Yea thats california for you.

I know i could rent a warehouse but that is not in my vocabulary HA HA.

bump. anybody of any help?

an update on this for anybody who cares lol

I found a property that is 3K square feet for 430K which is actually not bad for ventura california. I believe If I can come in at 10% down I will go for this. Its a hefty down but I can make some money off this as a warehouse and a showroom.

Next question: It was mentioned to me that I may see higher increase in equity with this warehouse vs a regular home. Anybody ever find this to be true?