commercial agent did not get back to me

I live in Phoenix, AZ… my wife and I are very interested in a roofing company for sale here and the agent would not get back to us through email… he never sent us any information in regard to the business we are interested in…the post has no info as far as business name, website, etc… no identifying info… the agent asked my wife to sign an agreement basically stating that we would not contact the owner of the business once he sends the financials … she signed and faxed to him…he never sent anything to us and never answered our emails… I took it upon myself to do some research online to figure out what company this is… I found it and called the business owner myself… the commercial real estate agent offered to send us the info we were asking for after we found this business… he has no idea we contacted the business owner… we NEVER received any info from the agent about this business at all… we actually emailed him and asked him not to send us the info and he never did… are we still obligated to go through this guy or can we still contact the owner?


Going straight through the owner is fine provided the owner does not have a listing agreement with this agent who ends up handling the paper work anyway!

Ask the owner if it’s listed, if so get your own agent to make an offer through!


The best way to get a buyer broker who will do all the research for you and make those necessary calls.