Columbus, Ohio Wholesaling

Hi Everyone,

I would like to find investors to start building my buyer’s list. I am located in Columbus, Ohio. I am looking for some solid cash buyers. Where should I look for this type of investor?.


What have you tried already?

When I began a couple of years ago, I did the local REI meetings, networking with others, partnered with so called local pros and so forth. What I found out about this was that many of these guys were just trying to do what I was doing and neither one had solid buyers.

So basically, I want to start from scratch again, any ideas?

I’ll tell ya what, this has been answered on this forum many times. Just keep going bsck the pages and use the search function its all there. One I do that you might not not find is to go to Showmetherent and contact all the landlords. Herbster

Here’s a great way to find TRUE BLUE Cash buyers which I did when I was wholesaling and still do whenever I need to find cash buyers quick. You can do this anywhere you live.

  1. Find out when the sheriff’s sale is in your county.
  2. Attend a sale to observe the buyers/bidders.
  3. Take note of those that bid on properties. Whether they win or not is irrelevant.
  4. Speak to them after the auction. Tell them what you do and ask them their purchase criteria.

You see in order to bid on a foreclosure auction, you must have CASH! These people do.

  1. Start looking for properties that match their criteria.

In NJ, I attend foreclosure auctions on 5 different counties to pick up potential cash buyers.

Good luck.