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I am a relative “newbie” investor looking to network with an experienced investor either working in or interested in Northern CO.How can I be of help to you and get my feet on the ground solidly as an investor at the same time?

Charlie B

Hey I echo Charlie’s situation and comments except I am in Grand Junction, CO.

May have a good answer for you guys, email me or I will email you if it is on your profile.

Hello, I am new to real estate investing and I just attended a Fortune Builders event over the weekend and even though they had some great ideas you don’t get any additional help unless you can get into the mastery’s club which was very expensive. So I am looking for any guidence from any one or a way to shadow some one so I can see how to do things or even learn the basics of bird dog for wholesaling. I am in Aurora, CO.

Thank you

I am an investor who is looking for other investors who want to work with me. I am open to anything RE related. I am also looking for people who can find me people who want to sell their house with lease option. I have leads of people who wants to buy house with lease option. Currently I am looking for a house to buy and rent out. If anyone wants to work with me send me an personal message. Thank you!

What is the advantage to the buyer on a lease option? What are you asking
as a downpayment? Will you lock in a sale price at the time of the lease? Many of the sellers in this area are upside down on their homes and can’t rent for what their payments are, how can you help them?

My wife (a realtor) and I have been investing in real estate since 2009. Our rental properties are located in Colorado Springs where we continue to look for deals. Currently, we are looking for owner finance deals.

Hi! My fiance and I just moved to Colorado, and we are newbies at investing (still haven’t made deal number one yet). We are studying to do wholesaling right now. Does anybody want to share good members of their power team, like a good attorney or title company that is used to working with investors? Also, if there are any experienced investors who could use our help with anything along with us being able to learn some skills from you, that would be great!
Chris and Mary

I am an investor and realtor in Northern Colorado. I live in Greeley, but flip about 45 miles out. I also have long term rentals in the area. I love the area and even with prices rising still finding some deals. I also write about my investing and properties.

I’m an investor in Denver. I specialize in wholesaling deals, buying and holding long-term rentals, and fix and flips. I’m always looking for a good deals, and I enjoy networking with other investors/realtors to see what is out there.


Jeff White
Colorado Trusted Home Buyers

Hi there! I am currently in northern Colorado and looking to network with people who specialize in flipping/fixer uppers, preferably around the greater Denver area. Thanks in advance!

Would love to connect with anyone about Colorado opps. Send me a message!

Same as the above

Welcome to the site, lots of solid connections and answers waiting to happen here. This is one of my top go-to forums for quick info. Don’t be afraid to message people directly. You’ll get tons of value from here. Reach out if you ever have questions about wholesaling or marketing or SEO!

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