Color Selection

OK…far from a artist & marketer, but:

Is there any studies done on the effects of color and taking action or buying/selling?

Or for people in trouble and looking for solutions…peace & calm & hope for relief of their problems.

Does this make any sense or know what i’m talking about?

I remember reading something about blue being a calming color. It might be worth looking into.

I think blue is a calming color as far as I know…not sure if it will draw enough attention to your ad though…

the best color is blue. google psychology of colors or marketing and colors. i learned about the effects of colors in school when i was a marketing major. also look at psychology of shapes or marketing and shapes.

I’ve heard red causes anger and black sadness/depression
I think soft yellows/greens are supposed to be calming.
Dont know how true it is though.

I have read people use those annoying bright orange or yellow colors for their postcards. I dont know what kind of psychological effect they may have other than annoyance but I guess it gets their attention.

Bash the psychobabble. You just have to be different and (more importantly) have to find motivated sellers. I use and their glossy custom postcards. I market to out of town owners of rental properties. Closing on a 500k deal for 5 properties found with 2 postcards - $1.74 (seller financed - about $3000 out of pocket cost for me and partner). It is not so much how it looks or what it says - you have to find the motivated seller. Got another deal for one postcard ($.87) where he is practically giving me two properties ($50k) and another one postcard deal going. Total spent on mailings - <$100.
Find your niche of motivated sellers.

I use neon yellow and neon orange for my post cards…I get plenty of calls from them…The color only gets them noticed…you better have something else to grab their attention after they’ve noticed the post card.

We use black on bright yellow for everything signs, blue, orange and white for web site, and black/orange/white for business cards

There is a lot of different opinion, and different colors have different effects depending on their context (red stop sign, red ferrari, red heart etc).

Here is a good article on color from Pantone: