college courses

my son wants to go into rei. does anyone know what colleges offer rei courses?

go to your local community college or university and ask for a course catalog.

Many have these online so go to their online site first.

Your community college should offer many “real world” courses that don’t count for college credit. There will possibly be REI,business, and other classes there.

Belive it or not there are NONE that I know of!! I wish I would of when I started out I did the whole tuck and roll flop and bleed course it hurt at first but it had its rewards! I not only learned REI I learned about life and people. I went to college but for business and psych. Got into REI at 20 and got my first check when I was 22. Now 8 years later I no longer work. Just sit here and type alot…LOL So maybe someone else will know of a college but personally I do not. I know there are a ton of great courses out there I personally never read one. Never could afford it when I started out and by the time I figured it out it was to late to teach an old dog new tricks(of sorts). Sorry I could not help more then that…

Got to check your local college. While there may or may not be a class in “flipping”. There might be one in buying a home, real estate finance (very important), et al.

Additionally, you could go to realtor school for the education.

Schools do teach

  • RE investment
  • RE math
  • RE appraisal
  • RE Tax aspects
  • RE Financing
  • RE Law
  • RE Principles
    et al

These are all things which any solid REI will know to some degree.

Or you can just read books like “How to make a GAJILLION dollars in Real Estate with nothing down, in your spare time, with no knowledge, by simply using my magic 8 ball that comes with this book”.

Seems to me that even the most creative successful REI understand RE financing and RE math to a good degree, and how to value (appraise) property.

Like the cable guy says thats funny

where can I buy that one?

I am going to publish it next month. Working on the final design for the all knowing 8-ball.


I’m currently taking a REI class online with It’s listed under their online non credit courses.