Collection of Debt after Bankruptcy

I had a Court judgement (prior to a tenant leaving my house) against a tenant that got wiped out due to a recent bankruptcy.
However, due to a later eviction, the tenant left my property and I could never find out where she moved to so I could not serve her with a notice to go to court for the second cause of the eviction (money). Since she was never served and now I know her address, can I go to Court and serve her for the monies she previously owed me which were never taken to court?

if it was a Ch 7 BK, then you can only go after money owed to you after the date of the BK. For example, if she owed you back rent from Aug 2004 and the BK was in May 2005, you can not go back later and demand payment for the Aug’04 rent. To do so, is actually a crime (at least it is in Calif.)