Cold call sales and the cold shoulder

Hey guys…

My company has started a sister co. where we are going to manage residential property for the owners. Anyways, we are calling the owners of buildings trying to get our foot in the door with them but we are getting nothing but the cold shoulder. Its brutal…we have all our stuff layed out for us when we are on the phone and try to feed off of what their needs are but they all have the personality of a stick. 14/15 of the #s we called the person we talked to had the personality of the desk in front of you…its rediculous.

I have people come into our office daily griping about other landlords and their nasty habbits so we are constantly improving our operations to meet their needs and its working like a charm.

We know there is a need our there for our services…

If anyone has some suggestions on what we can do to get our foot in the door it would be GREATLY appreciated.


what area are you targeting? ALso are you going after the big fish with numerous properties, the ones with maybe only a few or both?

We are targeting anyone who owns multi res property. Obviously we arn’t after the big guys as they are doing what we are doing already.

We are targeting the people with maybe a 6plex and a full time job that don’t have the time to do the landlord job properly.

Basically we are doing all the work for you and you the owner sits back and collects the cold hard cash.

Like I said earlier we know there is a need for our services out there as we get people coming into our office saying things like “wow, you are the first company we have talked to that isn’t prick-ish”

I guess the prob is getting ahold of the owners themselves…any suggestions?