cold call openers

“Hi, Are you the person that I would need to speak to about buying this home?”

or maybe “Hi, are you the person that I would need to speak to about stopping this home from going into foreclosure?”

I have not made a cold call in over 6 months. I picked up the phone today and called fifty people in foreclosure, of those, twelve picked up.
I used the first opener, and thought the response was decent. Obviously, many more calls will be needed to see how effective my opener and entire script is.

I just wanted to see if others might have thoughts/suggestions on these openers.


I would never, ever mention the foreclosure in your opener. You have no idea who is answering the phone.

“Daddy, some man is on the phone asking about a foreclosure? What’s a foreclosure?”

You want to be the guy making that call?

I agree. If a friend picks up their phone and you mention a foreclosure that the friend didn’t know about the homeowner is going to be mighty embarrassed. Embarrassed = p**sed off and not going to work with you.

For openers, I would familarize myself with the Do Not Call laws…


Scott Miller

Scott, I do appreciate your concern. I am familiar with FTC’s Telemarketing sales rule. If the rule makes you uncomfortable you should continue prospectiing with direct mail.

I agree that opener #2 may be too strong. So far, I like the response that I am getting with opener #1.

Thank you for the responses.


Setting aside the ethics for a moment, I don’t appreciate the up to $10K fines per incident that could be levied…

My post was more for those that don’t know the laws rather then mavericks like you that like to throw caution to the wind.

We wouldn’t want anyone to operate ignorant of the law, do as you suggest and wind up in hot water do we?


Scott Miller


If possible, you want to avoid the yes/no question.

“Hi, my name’s Gregg I’m a real estate investor. I’m looking to buy house in the [Tree Town] area and I noticed yours last time I was thru.”

This hits the who and why in the first 15 seconds.

“Who would I need to talk to if I was interested in buying your house(note: not home) ?”

I’ve been a cold-call junkie since the early 80s. Still do it weekly. Love it.

The rest you can take from there.