Coin laundry

Not sure if this is the best location to post but I would appreciate your input. I am looking to buy a new electric, coin operated washer/dryer for a 4-unit. I have looked at a few manufacturers and read reviews and would like to hear your experiences.

After reading reviews it seems I should steer away from some brands and pay around $700 without delivery, extended warranty, etc.

Thanks for your input,

I prefer used equipment from a reliable, local appliance store.

If you can keep the coin operated machines from getting broken into, then you should get top of the line machines and get the extended warranties. Heavy duty locks are a must. They will pay for themselves in a short amount of time assuming your tenants dont try to take the quarters.

There are machines that take credit-like cards also. The tenants can load the cards and then use them in the machines. I don’t know the set-up cost, but it could save your worries about the machines getting broken into. (Plus any bonus money if someone leaves or gets evicted with money still on the card)

can you buy the coin part serperately or what?