Code Violation

Where would I find homes that have code violations? I was at the county clerks office today and they claim to not record that.

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I myself went to the city code enforcement department today. When I told the clerk what I was seeking and stated that it was a matter of public record, she said I would have to submit a request form and it would either be approved or rejected. I am going to keep my eyes open for a city vehicle in my target area and approach them to ask/offer a finders fee and see what the best way is (thru the back door) to get this info. I am in So. Cal.

Howdy Lady Bird-dog:

Once upon a time the City of Austin would publish a list and even mail it out to investors. Privicy BS has stopped this. You can still get info on aparticular house but you need to know the address and the info is limited to what is posted at the property, the list of repairs needed. You may be able to get the address of the owner, it has been a while since I contacted them. It is probably the same in larger towns as here in Austin. I could not even get a list from my friend who works at the code enforcement office.

Just driving the neighborhoods and looking signs posted on vacant houses is the best way today. Recently in Waco, Tx it seemed like every other house had a big Red sticker on it when I drove thru a few of the loower income areas.