Code Violation Properties

I am finding a few houses around that are vacant, have back taxes and a list of building code violations. I’m wondering if the owner just died or moved or something.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience with acquiring property like this?

I am considering going to the County Tax Assessor or a Title Company to try to figure out who the owner is, then try to go to the local governments to add up all of the fees.

Some of these buildings have back taxes over a period of ten years. Doesn’t the County just foreclose with a tax lien then auction the property with the first trust deed position (I’m in California)?


 Unfortunately, Yes! Actually I shouldn't say that as although sometimes they can be a pain in the rear end, there is also good money to be made if you know what to look for!

Depending on the property value in relation to cost, and the scope of repairs the city can choose not to seize them for liens because the cost to the city to demolish or dispose of the house is more than the city can afford, and sometimes they know the repairs are a lot more than value!

If they have to sieze it, the city code sometimes say’s it has to be demolished in 1 year, and a broke city can not afford the cost of demolition!