Hi Guys,

Here it is you:
want coaching, you want the best of the best.

Listen to this, My coaches won the Jeff Kaller year long transformation event.
During that time there was a internal competition. 3 teams
Stevie and Pauline were the team leaders for team 3, most of them had never done a deal.

in a 90 day period the challenge was to see what team could generate the most revenue.

Check out the results.
Team 1 $350k approx
Team 2 $ 670k approx

and…wait for it Team 3 $ 1.69 Million in 90 days. and most of them had never even done a deal before ( a bit like me ).

They enrolled new students in May and they are already doing shortsales, these guys are machines.

so if you are interested in getting your business out the rut go to for the info. that’s what I did.

happy investing.

Green queen

so do you work for these people?

what’s your interest in these forums if through their program you have access to theirs?

can we hear more about how the program worked for you? Can you tell us how much it costs?

No I don’t work for them.
They coach me and my business has taken off in months.

You really need to talk to them about prices and stuff.

they have put together a whole new program.

OR…you can just visit local REI clubs, contact REIs in your area or speak with REIs that you already know. Then you can get to know people with knowledge specific to your area who would probably be willing to coach you in exchange for a few lunches, a couple of referrals or maybe a little grunt work (searching records, completing forms, etc.) on your part instead of pay an undisclosed fee to some random folks at a P.O. Box. Sure, you probably won’t get a folder or an iPod but you’ll probably gain alot more and you won’t be asked to spam message boards with cryptic testimony. ::slight_smile:

The challenge you have with that is, just look at the board …there are so many questions that need answered.
As for a PO box, they travel all over and with so much mail it goes to a mail box, so I dont really see what you mean by a PO box… doesnt most of the lenders we contact have PO Boxes ???

as for fees I dont want to talk out of turn I paid $15k. for 6 months one on one training.

Sure you can buy someone lunch but the old saying is " you pay nothing you get nothing" or " you pay peanuts you get monkey"

I have been listening to people like you for 2 years and got no where now I am getting things done and doing deals.speaks for it’self.


Green Queen

That’s not a challenge–of course there are questions to be answered on this board. That is what this board is for ::). It is also a place to offer suggestions. Your suggestion to pay upwards of $15k for a few phone calls and emails a month is based, according to your words above, on your experience.

Here is what my suggestion is based on:

My mentor has over a couple of decades successful experience in this. He has been teaching me by letting me sit in on meetings, helping me fill out forms, showing me how to do rough assessments, introducing me to his money contacts, and in turn I help him out in his office (doing things that I also learn from). He pays me for the work I do and cuts me into any deals that I directly work on with him. Why? Because I asked him and he agreed to let me work for him and be his apprentice until we both feel I can fly on my own.

Listen, I’m winning at what I am doing and you say you are winning at what you are doing. So I will not continue to debate but will just say that we are both showing people a couple of the many learning options out there. Let people decide if they should just use a little elbow grease and try to work with an experienced REI in their area, or if it is viable to pay thousands of dollars to join Hil, Evelyn, Greg and Green Queen under the tutelage of the McAloons. Speaking of–I couldn’t help but notice that, despite the fact that you claim they are helping folks to do all these amazing deals, YOU are the only one on the “fan” page that reported actually doing any deals. At the top of the page no less. :o You have to admit, that is pretty interesting.

Good luck Theresa.

You know Debbie,
Maybe you should stick with him he sounds like a good man.

you also said upwards of 15k… I am not sure where you read that part or are you just making it sound more expensive than it is, or maybe you are not asfinancially free as you think and 15k is a lot of money for you. Only you can tell that.

The cost is 15,000 and that’s it. Total. ans it’s not for a few calls and an email as you put it.
It is for a custom built program for my needs, what my business needs not what the massess need.
But my question to you is this; in the last 9 weeks how many shortsales have you got and negotiated and closed? and be honest now, as the forum is watching.

I am closing my second on tuesday which will net me about 70k, my first was 38k. Now ask me if my 15k was worth it.

You see it’s all about choices… I choose to kick my business up a notch and do something to give me financial freedom. I choose to get the people who have upto date marketing that gets responses, Pauline gave me the new marketing and I got 16 calls in 2 days. 2 new students that just joined in May are doing shortsales already…It speaks for itself.
and Your choice is to be with someone who has been doing this for 20 years, picking up a salary and a cut into a deal here and there, what ever blows your skirt up. As I said it’s all about choices.

Old Guru’s … Old Ideas…

Happy investing


::slight_smile: this post makes my head hurt :-\

Your right, I don’t need to justify my coaching I was letting other investors know of what is available.