Co-wholesaler needed

I have 7 properties under contract but my small list of cash buyers is just not the right list.
I am just starting out so I have put a lot of time and energy into the front end of the process, but the back end to get a cash buyer is not set up yet, therefore, I am looking for a co-wholesaler to help me get these contracts sold quickly.

Contact me and let me know if anyone is interested.

could be interested have more buyers then I have properties but depends on the deals and where they are

Where are you located at? I’d be happy to help! I’m in Nashville, TN.

What city are you in?

I’m in Pittsburgh Pa

I can help in Pittsburgh. Shoot me a PM

or better yet come out to the monthly Pittsburgh Investor meetup in Whiteoak. I’ll be there as a guest speaker talking about wholesaling and marketing.