Co-investment experiences

Dear all,

I´m new too. I would like to know if anyone have worked or have been investing in co-investment R.E.I vehicles.

In my compnay we are looking for new ways to invest and we think this could be a great one. Is important for me to know shareholders pacts experiences, and ability to leverage the Real Estate Vehicle company, banks that are doing these operations, etc.

Thank you a lot.

Kindest regars.

Rubén García

Are you a REIT? Do you invest in real estate overseas? Can you use leverage and mortgages or is it all cash?

Hi Bluemoon,

We are a Reic with Private Equity Real Estate, REIT’s and REI Funds like our clients, from one year to now we are studing projects to invest mainly in Latinamerica, we originally are from Spain.

We work in Spain creating investment vehicles for each one of the investment we do (usually from 3 M euros in advance) we have been working with projects near 500 M euros (we have not close any of this big projects until now)

We are interested to in use leverage for these projects, not more that a 50% of the project, but always investing cash in the rest of the operations.