CNBC NEWS FLASH!!! People don't want to own HOMES anymore...BOTTOM ALERT!!!!!!

These headlines are SCREAMING BUY REAL ESTATE NOW!!!


Can it POSSIBLY get any EASIER???

If you aren’t out BUYING REAL ESTATE at this point in time…


This, of coarse…Is all happening as the HERD financial writers create article after article about how SMART it is to RENT NOW…Just as RENTS are SOARING due to the demand…These NIT WITS are GUIDING the herd to the SLAUGHTER HOUSE yet AGAIN!!! And as usual…They are following!!!

CATTLE= An animal that instinctively FOLLOWS THE ASS IN FRONT OF IT!!!

:beer Heres to making money then! :cool

(P.S, btw, tommorows my day off, and im going to run some ads in some newspapers Jake, regarding your other thread advice. Hopefully I can get some good deals)

I just wish the geniuses who think anything listed as an REO is a steal, would read these articles and stop paying ABOVE asking prices on MLS listed junkers. :banghead

Just saw the closing price on an REO I put an offer in a couple months ago close for above listing price needing a TON of work…

  • 2 ft of water in the basement
  • mold issues due to water sitting there for months or even years
  • no way to tell what shape electrical and plumping are due to it sitting vacant for over 2 years
  • furnace shot due to it sitting in water for so long
  • structual issues (front part of the house had a slope in the flooring with buckling in parts of the hardwood, doors would not close and out of square)
  • roof leaks
  • all flooring had to be replaced
  • poor bedroom layouts with closets that couldn’t fit a jacket in them
  • holes in all walls
  • poor grading
  • landscaping needed in order to put any curb appeal into the house and sell for the maximum amount.
  • no drive way and only 2 parking spaces at the top of the road
  • comps were all over the place and hard to put an ARV on the place.
  • all fencing needed to be replaced
  • not a whole lot of land

The house was located at the end of a lake and in a good town

And yet some genius thought it was a good deal paying above listing price with all that work and no clear comps. :flush

You are absolutely right…I see amateurs overpaying for a LOT of property.

I do LESS deals, do LESS work and make MORE $$$$ by buying directly from owners.

But…You need to be CREATIVE to find these GEMS.

There is alot of uncertainty and confusion out there with all the bombardment from the various media. I know alot of people with skills like lic. architects, and web developers who have been out of a job for over a year now. My husbands company has had everyone on a 4 day week for the past couple of months. Most people have been brainwashed into thinking that there is only one way to buy a house. Thanks to our financial education in schools, most people are not taught to think outside the box. There is alot of talk about hyperinflation comming and who knows what that is going to bring. I think people are just afraid to buy homes.