CMREIA club in Maryland?

Anyone on this forum from Maryland that goes to the Central Maryland REI Association meetings in Frederick?

Trying to know if club is still around - got info off this website. Emailed and have heard nothing; called and get weird recording that just repeats the 886 number and says “goodbye”

If you know anything, please email me.

Hi, I am from maryland. I signed up for that group too but never got a call (i’m from deep southern maryland. Indian Head close to waldorf) Anyway, I ended up attending some meetings in Baltimore that were very helpful. If you don’t mind the drive you might want to consider the 2 main ones in baltimore once a month. WIRE (women in real estate) also has a meeting in the baltimore area but I haven’t been to that one yet.

Thanks for responding! Which 2 are the main ones in Baltimore - I checked the real estate club link here on and saw there were 4 in Baltimore. That women’s group looks good too - can I find information about them over the web?

I can’t remember the name of them but they meet at the VFW off of Harford rd in Baltimore(exit 31A on 695). One is 15 dollars and they have a meeting at 630 tomorrow(every 4th monday except december). And the other is 20 dollars and they just had a meeting last tuesday(meeting is every 3rd tuesday). They both provide free food and drink. I don’t know when the WIRE group meets but the leader of that group is a member of the group that meets on Tuesdays. I hope that helps.

Thanks, that is a big help!

My wife is a board member of WIRE. Great group, with a great leader. Here is the link. Ask for Dawn.

thank you very much!