Closing question...not sure where to post

Hello, I am new to this site, and fairly new to the “home” investing part of Real estate investing. I have mainly been involved with land developing and for the last year or so, have been involved in investing in homes. I had a quick question for the elite out there. I have recently come across a great deal in Southern California, and have put the property under contract. My only problem is that I am in Alaska. I am curious how does a double closing work if I am in Alaska, and the seller and eventual buyer are in California? Do you do it over fax machines? How about the payment to the seller and myself? Any and all expertise will be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks for the time,


Howdy Alaska-investor:

Closing docs need original signatures and to be notarized so they will have to be overnight. I am assuming the title company or attorney that is handling the contract is in Ca. They can also do the closing for you and your buyer.

You can use fax machines to fax EM contracts back and forth but these too are usually signed and initialed at the closing.

The funds can be wired directly to your account once the docs are returned.

The actual logistics are simple. The hard part would be to find a buyer when you are so far away and showing the property etc. You probably have that figured out better than I would/

Thanks for the fast reply!! :slight_smile: I guess I had never thought of overnighting the docs. DUH!! I usually do most of my business close to home, but found a deal I could not pass up, due to the housing situation down there right now. I guess it will be a pain to show the house. With the amount of profit margin, I will most likely list it with a realtor though, just for ease of mind. Thanks again for the fast reply, it is greatly appreciated.