closing papers

I want to sell one of my rentals.I believe I can find a buyer on my own but how do I handle the closing? Where can I get the papers? Do I just need a real estate attorney or can I get all the things I need from the title company? Any suggestions would be most helpful!
Oh, I am in south west Florida if that matters at all.

Hopper ???

I would recommend that you spend the few hundred bucks and get the title company to do the closing for you…this is not an area for beginners and a single slip can cause significant issues.

Just my 2 cents…


I was asking because I didn’t want to do the papers but I didn’t want to pay a realtor either.I took real estate courses and I know how complicated the papers are.I just didn’t know if the title company would do all the paper work.

Hopper :slight_smile:

They will do the worst of it…you’ll have to do the contract and work with the title company on the closing and distribution orders…


Thanks alot Keith! ;D