closing on sub-2 deal

I’m closing my first deal. Is it mecessary to do a survey, and can I make the seller pay for that? We can do the inspection ourselves, and I know I need title insurance. Also, I learned I can add my name to their home owner policy. We will sign a quit claims deed in front of a notary. Just wanted to see how others handle this. I know each state does things alitle different, though!

Sometimes the owners have had a survey done that you can use. If they have lost it, or haven’t had one in years … I would get another done. I have had it both ways. When I did require a survey I paid for it myself at closing.

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Do not use Quit Claim Deed. Get a general warranty deed. The title company will probably have this done for you if you are closing with one. You will not need a survey until someone gets a new loan on the property and then only if an existing survey is over 7 years old or there have been changes to the property such as a pool or room addition.

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Thankyou both, that helps alot!!!