Closing Costs

Just wondering about what closing costs run if you are doing a simultaneous close? Say average price is 50000. Whats the difference if your buyer is paying cash or financing?

are you the buyer or seller?

Both I guess, I’m the wholesaler. Buying it for say 45 and selling to my investor/rehabber for 50.

Call the title company you are using for the simultaneous close and they can give you both figures for buying and selling.
I know that it makes no difference to you as the seller if the buyer pays cash or finances it…does that make sense? send me a personal message if you need further asst.

Thanks, I’ll do that. I am just trying to get an estimate so that I can learn to calculate that into my costs when figuring if a deal is profitable.

Also, how do I figure those costs when analyzing a deal? Do they come out of my bottom line or does the seller or my buyer pay part or all of them?