Closing Costs

How do you guys usually go about negotiating closing costs? How do you get them to pay for title insurance, transfer tax, survey etc.?

When you are negotiating the purchase price ask the seller to pay a percentage of your closing costs (3-5% allowed depending on type of loan).

As a cash buyer, I prepare the Agreement of Sale for the seller and simply specify what closing costs I am paying and which closing costs the seller pays. If the seller does not agree, them we negotiate.

Generally, I have the seller pay for title search, title insurance, termite inspections, survey, real estate transfer tax, title company fees. I usually pay for any inspections, and pro-rated expenses such as property taxes, association fees, water ans sewer.

It is all written in a custom writted agreement of sale with no cross-outs or penned in changes to ensure it looks as normal and ordinary as possible.