Closing Cost/Title company

Anyone got any experience with Fidelity National Title in Houston. I called the title company today to get a quote on what fees they were gonna put under the Title Charge section of the HUD and they have a fee of $300 charged to me the buyer.(seller picked title company) to appear as HUD Line# 1101 closing/escrow fees? In addition, they have doc. prep fee. and attorney fee, and the expected title insurance fee for buyer.

I talked to another title company in person and they charge only a $295 flat fee to cover all such items under 1100 except for the Title insurance. Suggestions anyone???

The closing costs/fees are calculated by the way the purchase contract was written. If it’s not correct, as per the purchase or sales contract, then call them on it.

If the seller directed which title company, you could try to get them to pay, if it’s spelled out in the contract.

If you as the buyer/investor, your lender may have required that you pay for a number of closing costs, you may wish to discuss this with your loan officer, or lender to get clarification as to the fees, allot of fees are DIRECTED by the lender to the title company.

Ask your agent or loan officer to spell it out to you clearly so that you are well informed on what you’re agreeing to. And you can walk away from the whole deal, up to 3 days after you’ve signed the papers. As long as you follow the protocol.

Good Luck! Sounds like your doing your first investment closing?


yep ur right first investment closing. Just trying to make sure I get no surprises at the closing table while at the same time not aggravate anyone too bad.

I should have put this much effort into buying my primary home. But ya know its different when your buying to live in it.