Closing Attorney and Fees

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I have a question about closing attorneys and lawyer fees. I was told by a friend that in states that mandate that a lawyer can only finalize a closing, that the fees charged by a lawyer at closing is based upon the purchase price. If this is valid, what percentage of the purchase price will a lawyer charge to finalize a closing?
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It’s a state by state thing. Some states require an attorney be involved with closing. Usually, it is a flat fee instead of a %. Some states just use a title company to handle the closing.

I invest in two states that are attorney states. I have had eight different closings between the two attorney states in the past two years with a total of four different attornies. In each instance the attorney fees have been a flat rate of either $350 or $400.

I invest in both types of states. My attorney fees for closing are flat at about $450.

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