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Once I close on a property, how long before I should be able to get in and start moving my stuff? I have the seller’s RE agent telling me that it “should be one business day after the closing, that way the funds should have time to clear, etc.” Why can’t I take possession of the house immediately after the closing? The seller has said that he doesn’t care if we move in right after the closing. I know that it will take some time to record the paperwork with the county, but that is just a formality, right? This is my first property purchase in Texas, but when I have purchased other properties in the past in another state, I received the keys to the property and started moving immediately. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Some closings table fund and some have to have the papers sent to the loan company overnight to get funded. All this is BS as far as i would be conserned. If you get the key and sellers permission i would not let the sellers agent get in the way. I would wait until the seller has closed their end of the sale if closing seperately.

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It depends on what is in your contract.

Some contracts may allow for a few days between closing and possession.

Most I have been involved with let you get the keys at the closing table.