Closets and other selling points

My partner and I are just started rehabbing our first project. the house is 1180 sf, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, with full unfinished basement. The house is structurally sound, but just needs a cosmetic rehab. The floors are all soild and in good shape and just need refinished. And the cabinets in the kitchen are in good shape and we are just going to refinish them. However, we are trying to think of things we can do to the house with our budgeted money to do some extras. The closets are small, and we were looking at building them out, however, we would have to demo more of the walls which will add time on to our schedule, also we are looking into maybe putting a small deck on the back. We are not sure which would get more for us if we sell or refinance.

We got the house for 145k, Plus 16k closing costs/holding costs, And budgeted 17k for repairs, and can go up to 23-25k if we want to do extras.

The house should appraise for 250k when completed based on recent sales last 2 months.

What do you all think about what things get more money at selling time, that are not super expensive. If we don’t expand the closets we may just put in the large dresser cabinets (cant think of the name right now). We want to put in closets it will just put us well over our time budget, but if it will not hurt us too much maybe it will be worth it?

phatman I did not see anything in your post about this but if your going to put a little “EXTRA” in the house try your kitchen and bathrooms. I’m Sure that most people know that that is where you sell a house. Maybe a new countertop, sink and faucet or even new hardware for the cabinet doors will add a lot of detail to a house. Just my 2 cents.


I went to an open house and they just installed one of those hair dryers in the bathroom like at most hotels. Not sure if it sold, but it made me remember that house til this day.

Bigger closets are nice, but I think if you wow someone with the kitchen or bath, that would be $$ better spent.
How about really nice pulls for the cabinet doors since you are just refinishing, a better chandelier in the dining room (if you have one), upscale fixtures, granite or corian countertops (based on your market area).

While you want to do the extras, remember not to over improve for the neighborhood and type of home you have. Every area always has a ceiling that you will hit price wise, no matter how nice the extras are.

We were planning on doing really nice tile countertops in the kitchen.
We are going to add all new hinges and knobs, and add ad breakfast bar with cabinets and built ins underneath.

We are most likely going to keep the house and just refinance it and move into it, and rent out the extra rooms, unless we can find a second house in the same condition when we finish this one. (not sure if i originally mentioned that)
We will just use the refi money for a second home, so things like granite and stainless appliances we were going to veer away from.

Make sure your landscaping is inviting, so people want to come in then put your money into your kitchen and bath room, your main seling points. Nice appliances always get the woman intrested which sells houses. Bedrooms only need paint and light fixtures.


Good Morning Phantom,
I try to have the buyers want the house before they get out of the car, so exterior landscaping and really really nice curb appeal. Definitley spend extra on the kitchen and baths to make up for small closets. Armoire is the word you are looking for on the closets. I purchased a 1913 home with no closets, went to the local antique store picked up 3 Armoire’s for six hundred dollars and solved the No closet, not legal issue In Oregon. I install all appliances including washer and dryer to make my product more appealing to the buyers. If they shop ten homes in the 250k range and one has all the finish work done, appliances, good looking exterior and superior kitch and bath, which one sells first ? My goal is to create a home that they can envision their TV in the corner and Beer in the fridge by this week end. Most buyers are dual income families and don’t have the time or money to shop for appliances, landscaping plants, etc between jobs, school kids, resting. Have fun ! Darin

If you’re buying one of those ranches that has no access to the backyard from the kitchen/eat-in area, then I’d 100% put a French door in there and add a deck before I expanded the closets. A deck is a living space that adds enjoyment to the home.

I would not ever do granite at that price point, but you can certainly do stainless appliances. I picked up a complete package of Frigidaire stainless appliances (range, dishwasher, over-range microwave, and side-by-side refrigerator) for less than $2,000.

Another thing you might consider is staging the home when it’s done. I am 100% convinced that this is the thing to do with any home costing more than $200,000 (at least in this soft Atlanta market). Staging the home allows people to really visualize living there, and of course the things you’ll be using will be nicer quality and professionally arranged. Also, it keeps people’s eyes away from the little defects that are bound to exist. There’s a reason that builders don’t show vacant homes.