How much are the recent rate hikes affecting your investment decisions? Are you guys laying off buying or just using more creative financing?

Nope…still buying with cash – no effect.


Same here so far. Graciez

as long as you arnt paying too much for the property, your cash flow should be good reguardless of interest rates. at least any interest rate were likely to see

i say it time and time again if interest rates climb look into neg am loans if youre flipping or rehabbing, you cant go wrong

Usually flippers are the first to get hurt in rising interest rates. Because now homes are more expensive to buy and therefore harder to buy. This will limit the number of buyers. Plus everyone else is trying to cash out so more inventory is constantly being added. So flippers and rehabbers are going to have to do a firesale to move property because now you are up against more REOs, more desperate home owners and builders who can drop their prices faster than a fat kid on a twinkie.