Clearing Foreclosure on Credit

In 1998 when I was late on my mortgage 60 days the company began the foreclosure process and sent me a letter to make me aware of this.

I immediately scraped the money together and got the mortgage up to date.

I am now in the process of buying a new home and my otherwise good credit is tainted by a “commence foreclosure proceedings” from the mortgage company in 98.

Is there anyway to get this off my record? I would appreciate any advice.


All I have ever been told is to dispute it in writing to all three reporting agencies. They may remove instead of fooling with the dispute. I have had them removed because they were close to 7 years anyway. It is worth a try as it only takes a few bucks and time.

Also you can still get mortgages etc with a old entry but will pay a little higher rate.

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You can hire credit repair companies to get it removed…

Get a letter from the mortgage company stating that they never proceeded with the foreclosure… to show that to your lender…

If you are trying get a loan through the same mortgage company it will probably be very hard…

If your having problems with this lender find another mortgage broker…

Here is a good one I use at

David Alexander