Clauses for Short Sale Offer ?


Does anyone have any specific clauses that they include in offers for short sale properties? My Realtor uses the standard contract (same as all other realtors in the area), then there is a short sale disclosure/addendum from the seller but I’m thinking it would be a good idea to also have some buyer specific clauses included as well. Any suggestions?


what are you trying to accomplish,don’t put anything into a contract unless it serves a purpose,

you can make an offer on any house and put in all the clauses you want,you could even put in one that says they will pay you $100,000 if the house doesn’t pass the inspection,but that doesn’t mean anyone would ever go along with it

try to keep it sim[le, short sales involve enough paperwork without any additional possible screwing up the deal

what type of clause you want to enter in your contract?
if you want to protect yourself from any danger on the part of seller than you can take the help of an escrow company!

The best thing to do is let a Realtor do the short sale and you step aside and let the Realtor do the job and just have your funds ready when the seller say yes.