Claude Diamond vs. Michael Carbonare

Does anyone have any experience and/or feedback on either?

Carbonare’s material is good and the assistance directly from him on his forum is top notch.

Pretty much the same, seeing that Michael learned the
biz from Claude.

As Rich already stated, Michael’s site is one of the best
around…top-notch info and an overall excellent community

You can’t go wrong with Carbonare.

what are their sites?

I didn’t realize they were associated. Thanks for the replies.
Here are their websites:

They’re not “associated”. Claude was Michael’s mentor years back. How do I know this? Michael was mine two years ago. :cool
Heck of a nice guy, easy to understand approach to all things lease options, great support, and a fun board.
Good luck.

AJ290- How many deals are you doing a month from what you learned from Michael Carbonare? (if you don’t feel this too personal) Do you know how successful his students are? I am in the Salt Lake City area, it has been a seller’s market for the last two years and has now shifted to a buyer’s market and appears that it will continue to be so for a while. L/O look like a good way to go especially in this type of market. Thanks for your input and time.

I’ll PM you and we can talk in private.