What happened to the classifieds here?

There were to many issues involved in maintaining it so it was deleted along with the Local Service Providers and Investor Network Ads.

:shocked :flush

That was one of the best features of this site!

I agree. Unfortunately there were several situations where individuals did not use common sense or do some type of due diligence and it resulted in them being taken advantage of. Then in an attempt to find reason for their sophomoric mistakes they blamed this site.

So, if folks are getting ripped off, then those functions are not worth the benefits they were supposed to provide.

By eliminating them it eliminates the problems. You can thank those who have no common sense. :rolleyes

ID - 10 - T’s :evil

ID - 10 - T's

People that pretend to know what they are talking about?

Imagine that. :doh doh!

Huh? Let me try responding…

QY - 15 - R’s :anon

Think it through :biggrin



It is almost worse than that new math. Darn commies!


Now tell me what QY - 15 - R’s means…