Classified Ad help needed: RENT TO OWN or L/O

I need suggestions on ads to place on a house that would target the “U-FIX” crowd that wants to live in the property and fix via a lease purchase…

Minor repairs are needed (paint and carpet only)

Sales Price: $75,000
Rent: $650/mo
Down Payment $2000-$3000
3 Bed - 1 Bath

Help please

The house needs repairs?
You are offering it with terms?
Assuming you know your market, and this is indeed a good deal, here an ad I’ve used, applied with your info provided.

Rent to Own/U-Fix
Low Down-$650/month
3 Bd/1Ba-Priced @ $75k
Needs Paint/Carpet
Won’t last, call: 555-555-5555

Work For Equity!

etc etc etc