Citi, BOA going down soon? (blog article)

Funny how these bailed out companies seem to stay in the toilet long after they get their money. :rolleyes. AIG is trading at $0.59/share today!!!

Great article.

Great charts…, (well, sorta).

Thanks for posting.


glad you enjoyed it (I didn’t pay much attention to the charts)

I dont think BOA / BAC stock symbol is crap.

the government took their hand to buy merrill Lynch. they all knew the crap merrill had on its books. the government was a planned partner in the deal. Look at BOA it has banking, country wide mortgage and merrill lynch . they got a large piece of everything out there.

I don’t understand BOA either. Citi’s been on life support for awhile now, though. It’s clear that once a bank gets one of these bailouts it’s stock becomes the kiss of death in the market.

Looks like it’s starting:

Thanks for the chart. Wow! That’s something.

So the question is if people starts pulling out their money, where should they put it?
Where will they bank?


Ouch, those charts look like triple-diamond ski slopes.

that article points out why i think BAC is a steal. I missed the boat on friday when it was in the 2.50’s. I hope they push it back there 1 more time. even low 3’s i’m grabbing some.

the market is being moved daily on nothing except short selling. well on financials at least. how else can a stock go from 2.50 to $4 in a few hours on no rumors or news.

the countrywide branch of bank of america i think is there gem. How many homes are gonna be bought or refinanced this year ???