circular staircase

Hello Everyone,
I am replacing a circular staircase in a high rent short term rental by a regular staircase with a turn. I had some complaints that the circular is too narrow for passage. The house was build in the 70s. I guess people were smaller back then. I am doing two stairs with a landing half way. The risers on the first one will be shorter by 1/2 in as compared to the second stair due to the beam. What do you think?
My other option is to have less head room.
I have been reading your posts for some time now.
Thank you all.

In my state (Ohio) riser’s can vary no more than 1/4" with in guide lines.Not sure if they can transition from landing to landing.I would call your local building Dept. to confirm this. Would be a lot of work to correct after the fact.

I am an engineer not an architect. When I was in college my best friends were majoring in architecture. They were taught that circular stairways are almost always put in to solve an architectural mistake. There are probably some design flaws that the circular stair solves. You have probably discovered that flaw.

Thanks. I will check it Monday. It will have to wait until next week end anyway because my vacation is over. I am a regular reader of this forum. Thank you for all this information.
Have a Good New Year.