Cincinnati area real estate investment players.

I am in the process of beginning a real estate investment career in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Are there any other investors, cpa’s, attourneys, etc., on this forum, who are involved in real estate transactions in this area, who could offer some advice or some Gotcha’s about becoming involved in real estate in the Cincy/Dayton/Northern Ky. area? I am open to all advice.

Try joining a REI club in your area and start networking.

reime :smiley:

I am currently working in Indianapolis. I will be relocating to Cincy. One of my first items when I move is to join the Cinci REIC.

I’m in the Cleveland area. I’ve heard Cinci has a strong market.

Good luck!

This has been a great market area for me.

Learn all you can about your market area talk to local realtors and brokers, bankers and as stated join a local REI club.

You will also want to seek out all the knowledge you can about investing and possibly work with another investor in your local area to get some OJT.